This site is written using style sheets, which I learned from the O'Reilly book HTML: The definitive guide which tells you all you need to know and more. I picked up advice on javascript and css from the 'Visual Quickstart Guide to Javascript for the World Wide Web' from Peachpit Books.

My favourite browser is Mozilla Firefox and the page displays fine in that; Opera and Internet Explorer both display it fine too.

Mozilla also produce a very good mail client called Thunderbird which you might like to try.

Do you feel that there should be one, open, standard for web authoring which would mean that your pages would look broadly similar in every browser? If so, you may be interested in visiting the website of the Web Standards Campaign

I'm beginning to get more convinced by digital signitures and encryption - my software of choice for this is GNUPG. Public Key available on request.

The specified font for the site is Georgia, followed by Times New Roman. I like Georgia as my default font for word processing too. For more information about windows fonts please visitMicrosoft's font page.

If anybody spots something they think they should get a credit for which I forgot (especially the rainbow line at the top, which used to be housed at Womyn's Web Graphics) please contact me.

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