Stoner McTavish

Reviewed by Andy Smart

If you like beautifully created characters, many of whom you would have no objection to being related to, if not at least friends with, you will love this novel. Dreher is a psychologist and this must give her the most wonderful insights into humanity if this book is anything to go by. In fact the people are far more absorbing than the crime itself for this reviewer - OK so it's nice to find out who did it but the solving of the mystery is not the be all and end all of the novel.

Fledgling travel agent Stoner McTavish (I leave you to read the book to find out how she got her name) is persuaded by her wildly eccentric aunt Hermione to assist her old friend Eleanor Burton in discovering the intentions of her niece's new husband. To this end she sets of for Grand Teton National Park to investigate.

This may not be a classic, 'sit up into the night staring at the ceiling and considering the evidence' type mystery in the model of Sherlock Holmes. However I can almost guarantee that once you've settled into the book you will become enamoured of all the people, Great Aunt Hermione, The irrepressibly bubbly Marylou Kesselbaum (you can't not love a person called Marylou Kesselbaum) and finally the implausibly perfect Gwen (sigh) - you'll be hooked.

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