Books we've reviewed

Yes, I know that good libary practice should dictate arranging by surname, but this should works for us here at the Philippa Marlowe Detective Agency. Irate librarians are welcome to mail me!

Alma Fritchley
Chicken Shack
Andrea Bramhall
Anne Hagen
Barbara Wilson
Trouble in Transylvania
Baxter Clare
Bleeding Out
Claire McNab
Accidental Murder
Dead Certain
Death Down Under
The Wombat Strategy
Deborah Powell
Bayou City Secrets
Ellen Hart
Hunting the Witch
Vital Lies
Gina L. Dartt
Unexpected Sparks
Iona McGregor
Death wore a diadem
Jade Winters
A Walk Into Darkness
Janet McClellan
River Quay
Penn Valley Phoenix
Kate Allen
I Knew You Would Call
Tell Me What You Like
Give My Secrets Back
Takes One to Know One
Kate Calloway
Third Degree
Fourth Down
Fifth Wheel
Seventh Heaven
Katherine V Forrest
Apparition Alley
Liberty Square
Kaye Davis
Shattered Illusions
Lauren Wright Douglas
Chasing The Shadow (aka Daughters of Artemis?)
Goblin Market
Mary Wings
She Came in Drag
Mabel Maney
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Spy
Manda Scott
Hens Teeth
Sarah Dreher
Stoner McTavish
Bad Company
Rose Beecham
Fair Play
The Garbage Dump Murders
Stella Duffy
Calendar Girl
Therese Szymanski
When Good Girls Go Bad
Val McDermid
Booked for Murder
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