Chasing the Shadow

Reviewed by Andy Smart

This novel features British Columbia PI Caitlin Reese. I hadn't read any books by Lauren Wright Douglas before, but I found this a definite spur to read more.

Reese is hired to find the missing Tess, who it appears has disappeared into a commune run by the charsimatic lecturer and thinker Diana McNeil. As Reese points out, she's an adult and can do what she wants, but Caitlin's client, Tess's big sister Perry wants to at least know what the situation is, and to persuade Tess to return home. Tess also stands to benifit from a substantial trust fund, and this might be a powerful reason for her to be coerced into joining the commune.

Overshadowing it all is the specre of Sean Maclin, a rapist Caitlin helped send to jail and who swore to get even. Macklin is now released from prison, a supposedly reformed character and is certainly seeking his revenge of Caitlin. He has already attempted to attack one of the witnesses. Naturally Caitlin should go into hiding while he's caught and dealt with, but the Tess case requires her to be out there and available - and of course she's not the hiding kind.

Wright Douglas writes very well, and Caitlin Reese is a great character. There are one or two hanging ends which don't quite get tidied up - the witness is built up to be part of a plotline which is never quite resolved for me - but that in no way spoils the book. Wright Douglas is also the ONLY author I know who can actually transcibe what cats say. I think you'll enjoy it.

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