Bad Company

Reviewed by Andy Smart

This is the sixth Stoner McTavish novel, and all of the features of Dreher's first book Stoner McTavish are here. Again it's not the crime it's the people that are the joy of this book.

Dreher has given herself an entire women's alternative theatre company to play with this time - thus allowing full reign to her breathtaking character creating skills.

At the exclusive hotel, The Cottage, the group Demeter Ascending are preparing for their latest production. However they are plagued by a series of accidents and incidents, all of which point to a baleful influence among the group. Stoner, Gwen (sigh), and the magnificent Marylou unravel the mystery. You may well decide who the villain is before the denouement - but I promise you, you won't care. In this book it's the ride that's fun, not the arrival.

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