7th Heaven

Reviewed by Andy Smart

A day which starts with a clam chowder cooking contest ought to end well for Cassidy James, however before the winner is even announced one of her friends from the small lakeshore community where she lives has been beaten so badly they’re close to death; what’s more, among the crowd is her ex-lover Erica Trinidad. The day is clearly not going to be the fun event Cass is planning. Still reeling from the attack she finds out that the victim has breathed what may be his last words into the ear of Erica and so, whatever her misgivings, the two of them are forced to look for solutions.

Anybody who has never lived in a small town might be forgiven for thinking that there are far too many strange and colourful characters in this novel, but frankly having lived in a couple of small villages I don’t have any trouble believing in them at all. From the larger than life Bailey brothers to slimy sheriff’s deputy Newt they’re all great fun and oh so believable. It’s not possible to provide even a brief plot synopsis without essentially re-telling the story, though letting on that Cass isn’t able to resist the lure of the gorgeous Erica for too long won’t come as a surprise to anybody!

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