Links to sites of general interest

After Ellen
"Because Visibility Matters" - Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Entertainment and the Media. A site about, well Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Entertainment and the Media! And a very good one it is too!
WWW Women
Another excellent search engine, this time focussing on sites of interest to women in general
A good general site with lots of categories, a particularly good feature is the Guide to the Internet - which is one of the best beginner's intros to the Internet I've seen
Planet Out: Land on it
Not specifically a lesbian site, but one targeted at the whole GLBT community. If you become a member you get email and the day's news from a GLBT perspective is emailed to you.
A good general GLBT links site, it's category based and very comprehensive.
The UK based Lesbian Interest Magazine.
Lesbian Life
After a long hiatus, LL is back. Big forum presence and lots of info, but without as much online chat
Pink Sofa
You have to sign up for this one, and I'm not sure yet if I'd be allowed to! It says it's the worlds biggest lesbian meeting place so why not take a look at it?
The Old Dyke

Assorted Interesting Links: Sites which belong to friends, or which I think are interesting, or whatever :-)

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