Welcome (back) to the Office!

We've been away a long time. In fact if you've been stopping by the office over the past couple of years you might well have noticed the mail piling up and a fine layer of dust on the inside of the windows, but as you'll have also have noticed as there aren't new tennants the rent has been paid up to date and the worst of the dust bunnies have been kept under control. But now we're back and if you're a previous visitor you might have noticed we've celebrated our return by re-decorating the place. There's going to be a revamped and updated review section so you can find out what lesbian detective fiction you ought to have been reading, or complain about our interpretation of your favourites.

The book reviews are slowly re-appearing. Deciding to not just re-upload all the ones from the original site means I get to re-read and re-review lots of lesbian detective novels, but it takes time. I've now done reviews for the first three of Claire McNab's brilliant Carol Ashton books, and for one of the Cassidy James novels by Kate Callaway

Check back soon why don't you?